The idea of a guardian angel can be a comforting thought. Be it a heavenly protector assigned to you at birth to help you walk through life or a passed over loved one who has taken it upon themselves to help and protect you in their death as they did in their life.


 But for those of us that believe in Angels, it can be difficult to know when your angel is close by. These are some common signs that they are close by.



1. Feathers

Finding a white feather is the most common sign that angels are close by. They may appear in the most unusual places, even inside your house, which leaves you wondering just how it got there.  Even when found outside, where it appears perfectly natural to find a feather, they can appear just in the right spot of significance to you. The more abnormal or significant the place, the more powerful the message.


2. Dreams

 Dreams involving Angels can be a sure way of them communicating with you. When in a dream state your unconscious mind is much more open and willing to accept things. Angels and spirits use this as a chance to communicate with you and talk to you on a level that you may not fully understand once awake.

3. Smell

Suddenly smelling a sweet smell with no rational explanation could be a sign that your angel is nearby! Spirits are known to create smells, be it the favourite perfume of your passed over loved one or the sulphur smell from a particularly angry spirit. It is said that Angels often give out the sweetest smells to you, either the most gorgeous smelling flowers or the most delicious smelling foods.

4. Clouds

As kids we would all stare up at the clouds and point out different shapes but to some believers clouds can be a way in which our Angel is communicating with us. Either by seeing angel shapes in the clouds or seeing particular shapes that are significant to us such as love hearts.

5. Babies or Pets.

Many of us believe that babies and animals have the ability to see what we can’t, or better yet what we grew out of seeing. Their minds are much more open and may even work on a different vibrational level than ours. So if your baby is smiling and interacting with something you cannot see then it may be a sign that your angel (or even their angel) is near! Angels are beautiful souls and should never cause a baby or animal any upset or stress, so if your baby is happily babbling away to an empty room or your cat starts purring to themselves, - maybe an Angel is near!