Are you interested in Mediumship but not sure where to start? Would you like to link with the Spirit World and find out how to begin?
Over the years I have found that we are all guided and helped by the Spirit World. Many times I have been made aware of Guides and Angels by my side when I need them the most and they have given me support in many different ways, reassuring me of their help and presence. My aim is to help other people to awaken their own mediumistic and spiritual senses so that they can tune in on an everyday level to the Spirit World so showing that communication can be available to many and not the chosen few. Mediumship and psychic powers are diverse. As individuals, and beginners, you need individual help and guidance to establish confidence and cooperation between yourself and those that guide you from the Spirit world.
People often ask me if they have the ability to begin mediumship training. They often say they can feel spirits around but can’t see them or they get images of spirits and things they are being shown but don’t hear spirits speaking to them. Do you have similar thoughts about your own mediumistic abilities? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to become an accomplished medium? Are you interested in contacting spirit? Do you know what it is like to be Clairvoyant? Do you know what it is like to be Clairaudience? If you are agreeing with any of this then the workshop I run on “Understanding Mediumship” Level One is for you.
Think of this workshop as an investment for your understanding and Spiritual progression, and to help you and inspire you to discover and use the unique abilities that you possess beyond your present limitations. This Workshop is ideal for you because it will provide a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere as you take your first steps towards the development of your mediumship.
This Workshop will be busy, full of helpful information, straight-forward and down to earth teaching and easy to understand things to do. You will be coached by myself, Patrick Hutchinson, through exercises and be given plenty of opportunity to practise. Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 12 as personal interaction is essential.
On the “Understanding Mediumship” Level One course you will:
- Learn how to develop your mediumship skills. By enlightening you how to open to clairvoyance, I hope to enhance the latent abilities within you;

- Guided visualisations and exercises;

- Learn how to tune into the energy zone of the Spirit World and make a link

- Be taught about the foundations of spiritual communication;

- Learn how to use and trust your intuition, to use meditation to link with the world of spirit;

- Learn what Guides are, why they are with us;

- Learn how to meet your guides, helpers and their roles;

- Learn how to give and receive messages on a psychic level;

- Learn how spirits can communicate with us and what the communication feels like.

Your first steps are important to me, so I look forward to helping you explore your potential.

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